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GWG L Bonds

Veach Law is currently reviewing cases for clients of J. R. Thacker, Bristol, VA, who were sold GWG L Bonds.  Mr. Thacker was associated with CenterStreet Securities in Nashville, TN, Arete Wealth Management LLC, and Realta Equities, Inc.

Exploring GWG L Bonds: Risks and Disputes

GWG Holdings Inc., an alternative asset manager, gained attention for its issuance of high-yield bonds known as L Bonds, backed by life settlements. However, the investment product has faced controversies and legal disputes due to its inherent risks and misleading marketing practices.

Understanding L Bonds and Investment Structure

GWG Holdings pooled funds from bond investors to purchase life insurance policies on the secondary market, promising returns based on payouts from the policies upon the death of the insured individuals. While marketed as offering a guaranteed return of principal plus interest, L Bonds were illiquid private placements, making them high-risk and speculative investments.

Risks Associated with GWG L Bonds

Despite claims of guaranteed returns, GWG L Bonds proved to be non-conventional and high-risk investment products. Many investors were misled by brokers and brokerage firms, who downplayed the risks associated with these bonds, portraying them as low-risk investments. Consequently, investors faced significant financial losses and uncertainty regarding the safety of their investments.

Securities Disputes and Legal Assistance

Investors who suffered losses or damages due to their investment in GWG L Bonds may have grounds for securities disputes. Attorney Tucker Veach, with licenses to practice law in multiple jurisdictions and expertise in securities law, offers legal assistance to investors seeking to address their grievances.

The GWG Litigation Trustee recently issued a letter to GWG Investors addressing the unsupported assurances made by brokers regarding the return of their money. Here's a paraphrased version of the letter:

In recent months, I've been contacted by several investors asking about the timeline for receiving their investments back, as their brokers have assured them of full reimbursement. Frankly, I find it perplexing how such assurances can be made at this stage.  I strongly urge all GWG investors to seek advice from independent legal counsel regarding potential claims against any third parties who recommended this investment.

In essence, the current situation regarding distributions from the GWG Wind Down Trust remains uncertain, and the outlook continues to dim with each update.

Please consult the original letter for the complete details and context of the message.

Protecting Investor Rights

Attorney Veach leverages his experience and knowledge of securities law, including representation before FINRA, to advocate for investors' rights and pursue claims against negligent brokers and brokerage firms. He works diligently to recover losses and hold responsible parties accountable for their misrepresentations and misconduct.

Seeking Legal Recourse

If you invested in GWG L Bonds and suffered financial losses or believe you were misled by brokers or brokerage firms, don't hesitate to seek legal assistance. Contact Attorney Tucker Veach for a consultation to discuss your case and explore your options for securities dispute resolution.


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