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When investors suffer financial damages as a direct result of fraud or other alleged violations of federal and state securities law, one recourse may be class action lawsuits.

Securities fraud litigation is complex, resource intensive and expensive. Taking cases to trial on behalf of an individual may be cost prohibitive. Consolidating cases into a single legal action so that losses can be recovered on behalf of all parties adversely impacted, justifies the cost.

Although an individual investor may experience significant economic injury, there are a number of practical reasons why an attorney might recommend filing a class action lawsuit.

  • Class actions allow people to join together in order to pursue recovery from unlawful conduct without having to incur costly legal fees on their own.
  • The injured parties have the ability to litigate high-stakes claims on a level playing field against large, well-funded corporations and their legal teams.
  • As a collective group, the value of the claims add up and a settlement ensures that all plaintiffs receive some compensation (money damages).
  • A favorable outcome for plaintiffs in a class action can result in a judgment or settlement worth millions.

A class action may be the best solution when many people have experienced similar economic loss by the same or similar circumstances. Unfortunately, some attorneys suggest class action litigation for their clients when it may not be in the best interest of the clients. There are many complex factors to consider. We have always focused on what will be in their client's long term best interests when considering whether to pursue a class action claim.

Attorney Tucker Veach has an impressive track record of vigorously representing plaintiffs in individual and class actions. His skill and dedication to his clients have earned him the respect of his peers and the courts. He knows what it takes to get the job done and will fight aggressively to protect your interests and obtain a favorable result.

If you have been a victim of securities and investment fraud, don’t wait to seek recovery of your hard-earned money. Call Mr. Veach at 828-398-8288 today. After evaluating your situation, he will be glad to discuss your rights and provide legal options and actions to take.

Questions for your lawyer about Class Action Matters

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  • How does a class become certified?
  • How are class lawsuits different from individual plaintiff lawsuits?
  • How does being a part of a class affect settlement or arbitration of my claim?
  • If I am a part of a class, why do I need an attorney?

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