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Deceptive Practices: Securities Fraud


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Misconduct & Fraud

The consequences of securities fraud have enormous implications for investors and their futures. It happens when brokers manipulate stocks or fail to properly disclose accurate information about a company’s operations, financials and earnings potential, leaving an unwitting investor holding an empty bag

Any time a broker engages in deceptive, misleading or improper behavior which causes you financial harm, seek immediate legal council to help protect your interests. You have a right to recover some or all of the money lost at the hands of unscrupulous brokers and or brokerage firms. These disputes frequently involve issues such as:

  • mismanagement and misrepresentation
  • churning or excessive transactions
  • unauthorized trading
  • negligence
  • unsuitable investments

Stockbroker abuse cases are extremely complex and can be difficult to prove. The process complicated to manage, requiring a wide range of legal knowledge and experience for success. While it is difficult for many victims of investment fraud to recover their money, working with an experienced attorney who seeks every competitive and strategic advantage possible will increase your chances.

We focus on securities and investment fraud law. Our small firm acquires big results for our clients through hard work, strategic skill, careful planning and investigation, and meticulous attention to detail. Unquestionably, we have the experience and resources necessary to help see fraud claims through to the end. Whether you’ve lost a lot or a little, he understands that your money is important and will treat your case with the seriousness that it deserves.

Are you ready to discuss your situation with an attorney prepared to fight for you? Call 828-398-8288 today. After a free consultation, and if appropriate, an analysis of your situation, Mr. Veach will explain your rights and discuss appropriate legal options for next steps. If we agree to take your case, we will do so on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not get paid unless you recover investments losses


If you experience:

  • Chronic unreturned phone calls.
  • Unauthorized transactions on your account statement.
  • Statements that include charges and earnings you cannot identify.
  • Stock values that drop quickly.
  • Market trends and earnings that are not comparable.
  • Broker recommended investments that decline in value more times than not.
  • Lack of disclosure of pertinent information to your decisions to invest by your broker.

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