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Investigating Disputes with Your Broker


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Most securities fraud investigations begin by some alleged misdeed by a stockbroker, brokerage firm or financial advisor.

Sometimes, investigations are triggered by unauthorized, unsuitable or excessive trading. Other times it may be the result of misleading or inaccurate information that generate high commissions for the brokers and significant losses for the investor.

If you feel you have sustained financial losses related to investment fraud, you may have a strong case for recovery. It is critical that you seek an attorney well-versed in the nuances of complex business disputes and experienced in applying the appropriate securities law.

At Falls & Veach, we can help you determine if your investment losses were the result of normal market forces or broker misconduct. Our top priority is to understand your unique personal circumstances in order to anticipate every possible outcome.

We will use a detailed and forensic approach to calculate the extent of your losses. If after conducting a thorough account analysis we find a connection between inappropriate broker/advisor practices and your losses, we will have the ammunition needed to advise you on the best course of action.

The attorneys at Falls & Veach understand this is not money you can afford to lose. From the very beginning, we will give you an honest assessment of your situation and lay out your alternatives. We may recommend going to trial. Or we may suggest settling out of court. Ultimately it is your decision which legal avenue to take.

A signature part of Attorney Veach’s practice is to “leave no stone unturned”. He will tenaciously defend your rights while aggressively pursuing broker/dealer wrongdoing. If you are faced with such a situation, call today for a confidential consultation at 828-398-8288, today.

Someone who knows how to protect your rights may be the key to an outcome in your favor.


If you experience:

  • Chronic unreturned phone calls.
  • Unauthorized transactions on your account statement.
  • Statements that include charges and earnings you cannot identify.
  • Stock values that drop quickly.
  • Market trends and earnings that are not comparable.
  • Broker recommended investments that decline in value more times than not.
  • Lack of disclosure of pertinent information to your decisions to invest by your broker.

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